Mix of 'Leonids' available on Soundcloud
While finishing the other tracks and before sending everything to mastering i wanted to let you hear one of the track.

Leonids by Hugo Kant

Turnaround on soundcloud
I've just uploaded my first track to soundcloud...

... and you can listen to it right from here :)

it's an old one i won't be releasing but it's still nice to have it online.

Turnaround by Hugo Kant

If you're on soundcloud, leave a comment !

Free Audio Samples
I've just put back online some old audio samples i made.
You can find them in the files section. All are free to download and use. :)

Most of them contains refills & aiff, i'll hope to make some ableton live sampler versions soon.

"La mer dans un verre" soundtrack
I've just finished mixing the music for a dance show called "La mer dans un verre". The music is by Guillaume Cros and is arranged for Piano, double bass, cello, violin, guitar and flute. I'm playing the flute on some tracks.

The first date of the show is 28 April 2010 in Ramonville France, more info here.

Day 1
Here it is ! my first post on my soon to be artist website. There's nothing much for now besides this very simple blog. I've just added facebook connect and post comments.. more to come soon :)

Stay tuned ! Hopefully in a few weeks/month i'll have my first solo album up for the world to listen.