Out Of Time (57.44)

Hugo Kant 3rd "Out Of Time" released May 20 2017 on Bellring.

Digital/Vinyl/CD : https://hugokant.bandcamp.com/album/out-of-time
iTunes/Spotify... : http://smarturl.it/hugokant-outoftime

Artwork : CéMar

The Point Of No Return (53.5)

Out on June 9th 2014
Digital - CD & Vinyl
Label : Bellring
Mastering : Kasablanka Mastering
Artwork : CéMar

CD-Vinyl & Digital on Bandcamp :

1 - Dr Van Helsing
2 - The Event Log (feat. Kathrin deBoer)
3 - It's An African Jungle
4 - Secret Society
5 - Gold (feat. Astrid Engberg)
6 - Erhu
7 - Leave Me Alone (feat. LostPoet)
8 - In The Woods
9 - Flying
10 - Little Tale
11 - Saregana
12 - There's No Need To Be Frightened

Leave Me Alone EP (16.36)

EP "Leave Me Alone" released July 1st 2013 by Bellring.

buy 12" vinyl or digital @ bandcamp

Side A :

In The Woods
Leave Me Alone (feat. LostPoet)

Side B :

In The Woods (The Herbaliser Remix feat. Ghettosocks)
Leave Me Alone feat. LostPoet (Chinese Man Remix)

Artwork : CéMar

I don't want to be an emperor (53.27)

"The first listen to 'I don't want to be an emperor' recalled few years old memories in me. Can you also remember the amazing debut LP of Xploding Plastix 'Amateur Girlfriends Go Proskirt Agents' LP? Than probably you will face this dejavu the same as I did. Not that there is nothing new on Hugo Kant's release, but the style and ease of browsing various genres and tempos are very similiar. [...]"

Julo Kristoff - lostinsounds.weebly.com

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Searching London (13.56)

Hugo Kant - Searching London
Release date : May 13th 2011
Label : Bellring
Artwork : CéMar

Another Point Of Mix I (39.40)

Another Point Of Mix I released January 7 2013 by Bellring

Artwork : CéMar

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