TNT Magazine issue 1607 - review - Out Of Time
Jun 20th, 2017

Album Reviews

"It’s a stunning collection of tracks which will be getting a lot more airtime on the TNT HiFi." [...]

Nouvelle Vague - review - Out Of Time
Jun 15th, 2017

HUGO KANT : Out of time

"5 étoiles et un vrai coup de cœur" [...]

Freezeec - review - Out Of Time
Jun 9th, 2017

Hugo Kant - Out Of Time

"Hugo Kant a dépassé le point de non retour avec son précédent album The Point Of No Return et il est maintenant hors du temps..." [...]

La Marmite à Sons - radio - The Meeting
Jun 8th, 2017

Marmite à Sons N°340

Solénoïde - radio - Out Of Time
Jun 6th, 2017

Grande Boucle #27 - review - Out Of Time
Jun 6th, 2017

Hugo Kant - Out of Time

"Out of Time est le troisième album du beatmaker multi-instrumentiste Hugo Kant. Le bonhomme y programme une matrice complexe, forte en basses, et ajoute à cette trame un tas de couches instrumentales très travaillées : clarinette et flûte, violon, guitare ou accordéon." [...]

Groovalizacion Radio - blog - Out Of Time
Jun 4th, 2017

Album Digest - May 2017

Kurrent Music - LJUZI - review - Out Of Time
Jun 1st, 2017

Hugo Kant - A fan of Victor and Immanuel

"You really have to be a daring smart ass to give yourself a nom du plume like Hugo Kant. And an intelligent one. Quentin Le Roux of Avignon, via Marseille in France, is both. And he keeps on coming up with some great trip-hop/downbeat albums and ep’s under the combination of last names of a French novelist Victor and German philosopher Immanuel. His latest, third album, Out of Time is no exception." [...]

Radio Prun' - radio - The Earth Dance
Jun 1st, 2017

Playlist - The Earth Dance

Scratched Vinyl - review - Out Of Time
May 30th, 2017

Hugo Kant - Out Of Time

"With each release, Hugo Kant has grown and challenged himself and his listeners, creating a style of instrumental music that really stands apart from the rest of the crowded pack of producers of instrumental music. Out of Time will really take you on quite the journey, and rewards with multiple listens." [...]