Nouvelle Vague - review - Live
Feb 27th, 2019

Live report - Blockhead & Friends

"au final prendre son pied devant Hugo Kant, et bien c’est en quelque sorte l’histoire de cette soirée" [...]

ConcertAndCo - review - Live
Feb 16th, 2019

Chronique concert Blockhead & Friends

"on en prend plein les yeux (si on s'approche et qu'on le voit tout bidouiller en temps réel) et les oreilles" [...]

City 2 Coast Audio - review - This Is Just The Beginning
Sep 13th, 2018

Hugo Kant – This Is Just The Beginning

"There are moments in the rest of the album where I felt as if i had been swept away and ended up in a parallel universe, from the first beats of the opening track ‘Entering The Black Hole’ through the mesmerising vocal sounds and cut up beats in ‘Odissi’, again I can’t recommend this enough." [...]

W-Fenec - review - Out Of Time
May 12th, 2018

Hugo Kant - Out Of Time

"L'alchimie qu'il opère avec tous ces genres et ces inspirations est simplement remarquable, jamais un album d'Hugo Kant aura sonné si bon." [...]

Froggy's delight - review - Out Of Time
Sep 1st, 2017

Hugo Kant - Out Of Time

"on voyage aussi beaucoup sous la musique d’Hugo Kant, de façon onirique souvent, avec des sonorités orientales et indiennes" [...]

Kurrent Music - Dragan - review - Out Of Time
Jul 24th, 2017

Out Of Time Indeed

"Out Of Time shows a mature artist, capable of spreading his ideas onto a 50+ minute album with excellent result in each time frame. The broad musical spectrum from rich and eclectic influences, trip-hop, world music, gypsy music, to a rhythmic and joyful electro pop puts Hugo Kant into the top selection of modern electronic artists. It’s a record that you just want to hear over and over again." [...]

Record Book - review - Out Of Time
Jul 21st, 2017

Hugo Kant - Out Of Time

"It's like a letter humanity could send to other civilisation. This is who we are, this is all our music mixed together. And it's brilliant." [...]

Outtallectuals - review - Out Of Time
Jul 4th, 2017


"This is the suit-and-tie tier of this genre with an instantly recognisable musical understanding and capability. Magnifique!" [...]

Trip Hop Nation - review - Out Of Time
Jun 28th, 2017

Best Releases of May 2017

Selected By Guerino - review - Out Of Time
Jun 26th, 2017

Mid-year verdicts: top ten electronic albums in 2017

"The album hosts a number of very good and delicate songs that may be the perfect background for reflection and meditation, and the record also succeeds in the difficult task of telling us something new about a genre that absolutely needs some innovation." [...]