Radio Študent 89.3 MHz - review - Far From Home
Nov 22nd, 2020

Hugo Kant: Far From Home

"The product of such a mix in Hugo’s production masterpieces sometimes gives the feeling of some dub party in India, and again other times a more pop concert at the largest mosque in Marrakesh" [...]

Benzine Magazine - review - Far From Home
Oct 20th, 2020

12 albums pour octobre 2020

"En gestation depuis environ deux ans, ce nouvel opus constitue le petit dernier d’une tétralogie amorcée en 2014 avec The Point of no return, puis Out of Time en 2017." [...]

Scratched Vinyl - review - Far From Home
Oct 19th, 2020

Hugo Kant - Far From Home

"Far From Home is another excellent album from Hugo Kant that really demonstrates what a special talent he is." [...]

Versos Perfectos - review - Far From Home
Oct 18th, 2020

Beat Tape: Hugo Kant presenta «Far From Home»

"De nuevo se vuelve a repetir la historia. La última creación del productor y multi-instrumentalista Hugo Kant va camino de ser nombrada como una de las mejores del año en Europa, y, con toda probabilidad, será incluida al final del año en los tops de los blogs especializados en composiciones instrumentales." [...]

Poste d'écoute - review - Far From Home
Oct 16th, 2020

Far from Home 8/10

"Varié mais formant un tout agréablement cohérent Far from Home offre un voyage instrumental stimulant." [...]

The Wicked Sound - review - Far From Home
Oct 12th, 2020

Hugo Kant is back with a brilliant new album “Far From Home”

"“The Second Sun” grabs your attention and takes you for a hypnotic ride, which is dense and atmospheric, with heavy and rich percussion and soulful flute." [...]

Poste d'écoute - review -
Apr 3rd, 2020

The Seven Seas 7/10

"Comme toujours, l’Electro de Kant trouve toujours le moyen de laisser filtrer un peu de lumière." [...]

Nouvelle Vague - review - Live Tracks
Feb 27th, 2019

Live report - Blockhead & Friends

"au final prendre son pied devant Hugo Kant, et bien c’est en quelque sorte l’histoire de cette soirée" [...]

ConcertAndCo - review - Live Tracks
Feb 16th, 2019

Chronique concert Blockhead & Friends

"on en prend plein les yeux (si on s'approche et qu'on le voit tout bidouiller en temps réel) et les oreilles" [...]

City 2 Coast Audio - review - This Is Just The Beginning
Sep 13th, 2018

Hugo Kant – This Is Just The Beginning

"There are moments in the rest of the album where I felt as if i had been swept away and ended up in a parallel universe, from the first beats of the opening track ‘Entering The Black Hole’ through the mesmerising vocal sounds and cut up beats in ‘Odissi’, again I can’t recommend this enough." [...]