Review of "I don't want to be an emperor" by lostinsounds
Julo Kristoff from lostinsounds.weebly.com made me the pleasure of writing the first review of my first album 'I don't want to be an emperor'.
Thanks @julokristoff for such a post !

"It is just one month ago that the very first EP of Mr Quentin Le Roux staring his solo project under the name 'Hugo Kant' was released. Three tracks EP 'Searching London EP' was well received by the listeners and up to day Hugo Kant is approaching 20000 listens and 1500 downloads on Soundcloud. Pretty good start for the beginner, one would say. Honestly, the fact is Mr Le Roux is no beginner in music scene at all... Who's Hugo Kant then...?" [...] read on on his blog...