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Kosmos Lab II

Hugo Kant mix #20 - Kosmos Lab II
Guest mix for Kosmos Radio - Greece (http://webradio.ert.gr/kosmos/)
December 2020

Chapelier Fou - L'austère nuit d'Uqbar
Void Pedal - Mint
Giyo - A Bad Dream
The Comet Is Coming - Start Running
The Gaslamp Killer Experience - Veins (Live)
MA.MOYO, Cerys Matthews & Hidden Orchestra - Flame Lily
The Gaslamp Killer - To Fathom Hell or to Soar Angelic ft. Sorne & Rogê
Hugo Kant - Chorus Of Cold People
LostPoet - Change Acapella
The Gaslamp Killer - The Cat's Meow ft. Amir Yaghmai
DJ Food - The Crow
Hugo Kant - The Second Sun
Neroche - Dying Sun
Trees - Epitaph
Chinese Man - Liar (feat. Kendra Morris & Dillon Cooper)
The Dining Rooms - Pure & Easy
The Herbaliser - Take 'em On (T Power Remix ft Zoe Theodorou)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Greekout
Blockhead - UFOMG
Pillowfight - Used To Think
Blockhead - Under the Grundle
Skinshape - Shangri-La
Astrud Gilberto - The Gentle Rain (RJD2 Remix)
Belleruche - The Itch
DJ Krush - Song 2
Guillaume Perret - Walk
Rsn - Lucky Old You (Hugo Kant Remix)
Hugo Kant - Everything Is Transformed
Hugo Kant - Before Midnight Tonight
Matteo - Rema
Hugo Kant - Jam Session
Gerardo Frisina - Naihi
Hugo Kant - Come With Me
Jean du Voyage - Shanti (feat. Djéla & Pierre Harmegnies)
Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Igors Revenge
Henrik Schwarz & Alma Quartet Amsterdam - CCMYK4
Hugo Kant - Sure The Sun Will Rise
Julien Lourau - Dark